Laser Tusk | Traveling Light (HDR180614)

Laser Tusk’s Traveling Light — an eleven song reflection on themes of love, death, and salt water — is equal parts Television and Radiohead, with a dash of Fleetwood Mac’s complex vocal harmonies and a swirl of psychedelia to round out the mix.

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Space Vampire | Beyond Mariposa (HDR150320)

Space Vampire’s Beyond Mariposa delivers eight tracks of scifi rock that will take you out of your head and into the deepest reaches of space. Travel with Voyager beyond the black galaxy and return to a bleak corporate future under the orange skies of Titan.

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the lloyd-tones | super kaiju monster blast (HDR090828)

the lloyd-tones’ super kaiju monster blastis a densely-packed six-song EP that takes you inside the heads of some of your favorite movie monsters. Find out what makes the lizard so angry. See what it feels like to be a big ape in love. And don’t forget to terminate (exterminate) those pesky biologicals.

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